Good Vibrations

I’ve been thinking about how to describe Reiki. Firstly because I need to create a leaflet for the business and also because when people ask me what Reiki is I don’t have a particular answer. I usually say something like “It’s a universal energy that can be passed through me to you.”

The next question is invariably something along the lines of querying what it actually does to which I respond with an inane, “well it sort of makes you feel better.” Neither response is really very good.

I know it works for me, I feel it working and I know what it does for me without having to verbalise it. Except that if I want to make a living from it, verbalise is exactly what I need to do!

I was thinking about this before Christmas and also about what to write on my blog when the word ‘vibration’ popped into my head from, seemingly nowhere. Now recently, I have made a pact with myself to stop ignoring that inner voice of mine and to start paying attention so rather than let the word drift casually off out the window only for it to pop up at some other time in the future for me to ignore, this time I listened.

And I was right to listen. After a little research I have managed to write down what I think I intuitively already knew, but couldn’t verbalise. Vibration, is everything. Everything is energy and energy, according to Cyndi Dale, author of ‘The Subtle Body: an Encyclopaedia of Energetic Anatomy‘ is information that vibrates’.

It may sound deeply new-agey and hippified but it would seem that a certain famous scientist with a bad haircut discovered the relationship between energy, mass and the speed of light. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about Mr Albert Einstein and that old chestnut ‘E=MC²’. Basically, all energy (heat, movement, etc.) can be converted into mass and vice versa and the difference between the two gets less the faster one goes or the higher the vibration. Essentially. matter and energy are not separate but are different forms of the same thing.

We exist as a series of subtle and vastly different vibrations. These vibrations move at variable frequencies creating all that we see and experience in our lives and since we are made of energy and we are sustained by energy and energy is vibration, you, me and everyone and everything in our lives vibrate. Energy is not a static structure and as such we are an ever-changing field of active energy and vibration.

In its most basic form, science (and bear in mind I am not a scientist in any form whatsoever) offers the illustration of a wheel or cylinder in varying states of movement. Moving slowly, the cylinder may be seen moving. As the speed increases, the wheel begins to move so rapidly that the movement begins to become almost imperceptible to the observer as to look still and a low note is heard.

As the rate of movement or vibration further increases, the note rises through the musical scale until it reaches a tone so high that the human ear cannot register the vibrations anymore and although the vibrations continue, to the listener only silence is perceived.

What follows then is the perception of heat. As the ‘cylinder’ vibrates ever more rapidly, the observer begins to see a dull reddish colour which in turn works its way through the colour spectrum until as with the vibrations of sound, all colour disappears past that which the human eye can register and we move into the realm of X-rays and electricity and magnetism as the appropriate rate of vibration is reached.

This vibration continues onwards and upwards and the ‘cylinder’ which by now has ceased to become an object at all, has disintegrated into the molecules and atoms and electrons, protons and neutrons which are its very make-up. Further up the vibrational frequency and we move on to quarks which is where I believe science more or less stops…

If we were to follow the same principle though, the vibrations would continue to increase through successive states of manifestation by way of thought and emotion which in turn have their own corresponding rate of vibrations and then onwards into spirit.

Which brings me to how vibration has everything to do with wellness and happiness and creating a better life for myself and for others. As I said before, we are an ever-changing field of active energy and vibration and as such our vibrations can change depending on our own thoughts, beliefs and feelings and it is we who determine the frequency at which we vibrate.

We choose how we will be. Negative thoughts vibrate at a lower frequency than positive thoughts. Illness vibrates at a lower frequency than that of wellness which operates at a faster level.

The more in tune a person is with themselves and the higher their awareness, then the higher their rate of vibration. The higher the vibrational energy, the healthier one is, the more positive one is and the happier and closer one is to Spirit.


3 thoughts on “Good Vibrations

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  2. What a great post!!
    I was amazed reading it, because my recent posts on energy healing resembled the same thoughts and ideas on energy vibrations, almost word in word with yours! 🙂
    What you write is so interesting and provides a great info for energy practitioners, thanks. Again, very happy to discover your blog!

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